Bringing a Class to Visit

We encourage Andrews University instructors and their classes to use our rich and diverse collections. Andrews instructors are invited to select Center for Adventist Research materials for either a general or subject-specific class that enhances their educational goals for their students. We also welcome opportunities to describe our collections through bibliographic instruction classes and presentations.

To arrange use of Center for Adventist Research materials for your course or to schedule an introductory class in our reading room, please send an email to Classes may be scheduled for Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Other times may be available through special request. Our room can accommodate about 40 individuals at one time. Larger groups will need to be divided or other arrangements made.

To request a class session in the Center’s reading room

Please fill out our Tour Request Form and include the following information in the “Further Information” section of the form:

  1. The class number and title
  2. The date, time, and frequency of your class visit–one time or multiple times. We cannot accommodate regular (i.e. weekly) class meetings as our reading room is a public room needed by other researchers
  3. The approximate number of students in each class
  4. How long your class session will be (half hour, an hour, etc.)
  5. Is there an assignment, paper, or project the students will have to complete using Center for Adventist Research materials during the session? the semester? Is group study a requirement?
  6. Your expectations of what you want from the Center and its staff for your class

After you have submitted your request, a Center for Adventist Research staff member will provide you with general introductory information and an overview of basic researcher rules. Instructors have the option of choosing materials and conducting the session themselves or having a staff member select materials (in consultation with the instructor) and conduct the session.

Prior to the first day of class

Please make arrangements with your staff liaison to provide an orientation lecture and to discuss any ongoing requirements of the class. To ensure that Center materials are available on the day of the class, please submit a list of the materials to be used to the Center’s Administrative Assistant at least 3 to 4 days prior to the date of the scheduled class meeting. If Center for Adventist Research materials are to be used throughout the semester, please provide a list of those materials to your staff liaison with the projected length of use.

To better prepare your students, please alert them that the following items are not permitted in the Reading Room:

  • Ballpoint pens or felt markers (pencils only)
  • Food or drink of any kind
  • Backpacks or any other bags

Please orientate your students to our complete list of policies before their arrival.

First day of class

On the day of class, instructors and students enter the Reading Room through the lobby area of the Center for Adventist Research. Please ask your students to wash their hands before arriving at the Center or entering the Reading Room. Your staff member liaison will assist you with the physical presentation of the materials, giving guidance on handling as needed.

Students using the Center for Adventist Research Reading Room independent of class time

Please ask your students to familiarize themselves to our policies before their arrival, noting the following information:

  • Course items on hold are generally viewed by one student at a time. If group viewing is part of the class assignment, instructors should make arrangements with Center for Adventist Research staff for additional time in the Reading Room
  • Patron registration is required of all users of Center materials, even those participating in a class, before they can begin their research in our Reading Room
  • Only laptops, pencils, and note paper is allowed in the Reading Room

Other resources

As an extension of the Reading Room, some of our materials are available in digital formats. We encourage instructors to use our digital collections in their classrooms as a way to further the Center research experience. Available digital collections can be in the “Find It” menu above.

Room amenities

The Reading Room is equipped with 7 tables, approximately 36 chairs, various sizes of book cradles, a television, a DVD player, a VHS player, a cassette player, and a microform reader/printer machine.