Student Positions

The Center for Adventist Research supports the mission of Andrews University by providing employment to both undergraduate and graduate students that are currently enrolled.  Our team of students work in all areas of the Center, from simple data entry to processing historical collections.  The Center receives donations and new material daily, and our students are an integral part of making sure that these resources become available to the public.

        Current Openings

Position #1 – Perform the primary work in the Center’s aggressive acquisitions program of securing current materials for our collection.  This job requires inquisitiveness and an interest in being thorough in locating available resources as well as being organized and able to track titles through a process.

All positions will assist with retrieval of research materials and other tasks as needed within the Center.

Required Qualifications [apply to all open positions]

• High level of attention to detail and quality of work.
• Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite.
• High proficiency in searching the Internet.
• Ability to move electronic files from place to place.
• Ability to understand and follow through on instructions without constant supervision; possession of a strong work ethic.
• Good communication skills (understanding and speaking) in English.
• Full-time Andrews University student.
• If international, you must have the necessary visa allowing you to work in USA.
• Ability to faithfully work at least 10 to 20 hours a week on an agreed to schedule.
• Openings in your class and other activities schedule to allow working at least two hour time blocks.

Desired Qualifications  [not required]

• Prefer 2 or more years remaining at Andrews.
• A Seventh-day Adventist background.

 Application Process

1. Take “Office Skills” tests at Human Resources/Student Labor. Ask for a copy of the results.
2. Bring test results to Wanda Cantrell in the Library Dean’s Office (JWL main floor) and complete a library application.
3. Submit a current resume along with the application.
4. Interview with Center administration and area manager.