Grace Amadon (Collection 154)

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Scope and Content

Grace Edith Amadon (1872-1945) received her education at Battle Creek College where she learned Greek and Latin. She was also proficient in music. In 1893 Miss Amadon was invited by the Mission Board to go to Cape Town, South Africa, to teach Greek, Latin, mathematics, and music at the Claremont Union College. After returning from the mission field in about 1899, Amadon was in charge of the Battle Creek church school for two or three years. Between 1903 and 1912 she lived in Chicago where she served as a bacteriologist and taught pathology and other science subjects in a Chicago college.

This collection contains Amadon’s research concerning chronologies and time prophecies of the Bible. The collection is divided into the following categories:

  • 1) correspondence;
  • 2) Amadon’s writings;
  • 3) sources arranged by subject;
  • 4) photostat sources.


In most parts, the present collection was arranged by the Adventist Heritage Center. The headings of the subject file and source documents, however, were assigned by Amadon herself. The researcher should note that some of Amadon’s correspondence related to a particular subject are placed with the corresponding subject file. We have also tried to match as much as possible the subject headings in part II (Amadon’s Writings), part III (Subject File and Source Documents), and part IV (Photostats). In addition, there are some oversized documents. These are in Box 22. The photostat documents are placed under subject headings without any particular order. The number of documents under each subject heading, however, is given. There is also a list of
photostats supplied by Amadon (Box8 Fld17).


The collection was originally given to the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary while still in Washington. It was donated at a later date to the Adventist Heritage Center after the Seminary moved to Berrien Springs, MI.


All records in this collection are open and available for research.

Citation for this collection: Grace Amadon Collection (Collection 154). Center for Adventist Research, James White Library, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

I. Correspondence (sent and received)

Box1 Fld1     Albright, F. W.

Box 1 Fld 2 Andreasen, M. L.

Box1 Fld3     Draper, Glen H.

Box1 Fld4     Froom, LeRoy E.

Box1 Fld5     Olmstead, A. T.

Box1 Fld6     Thiele, Edwin R.

Box1 Fld7     Washburn, H. A.

Box1 Fld8     With various astronomers

More correspondence is integrated under the following subject headings:

Ancient Jewish Calendation

Calendar Reform / Chronology

Crucifixion / Passover

Turkey / Trumpets (Revelation)

Millerism and 1844 date

J. H. Wierts Materials

II. Writings (by Grace Amadon)

Ancient Jewish Calendation

Box1 Fld9     Articles:

“Ancient Jewish Calendation.” Journal of Biblical Literature, LXI, part IV, 1942.

“Ancient Jewish Calendation.” Original manuscript of the published article.

“Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction – No: 2.” Ministry, April, 1944.

“Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction II.” Original manuscript of the published article.

“Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction [I].” Unpublished paper.

Box1 Fld10     Papers:

The Ancient Jewish Beginning of the Year.

Chronological Outline–Table “X”.

The Jewish Regnal Year: Neo-Babylonian and Persian Periods.

The Place of Chronology in Our Modern System of Bible Study.

The Jewish Calendar in the Fifth Century B.C. (Two copies).

Jewish and Babylonian Time-Keeping in the Sixth Century B.C.

A Restudy of the Assuan Papyri with a View of Determining the Synchronism of the Various Calendars In Use During the Persian Period.

The Assyrian Eponym List.

Early and Latter Rain.

Box1 Fld11        Studies of Old Testament Synchronisms (based on Wood’s outline). Several working papers.

Box1 Fld12     Tables:

Comparative Chronologies of Neobabylonia, Persia, Egypt, and Israel, 627 B.C. – 443 B.C.

Persian Kings.

Construction of Aramaic Calendar in Time of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Analogue of Ancient Egyptian, Jewish, and Macedonian Dates.

Box1 Fld13        Shram Reckoning (mostly calculations related to Jewish kings and Old Testament timing).

Box1 Fld14     Flood Calendar:

The Flood Chronicle. (A paper).
Tables related to the dating of the Flood.

Box1 Fld 15     Mosaic Calendar

Box1 Fld16     Ezekiel Calendar

Crucifixion / Passover

Box2 Fld1     Articles:

“Important Passover Texts in Josephus and Philo.” Reprint from Anglican Theological Review, vol. XXVii, No:2, Apr. 1945.

Important Passover Texts in Josephus and Philo. (Original manuscript of the published article.

“The Johannine-Synoptic Argument.” Anglican Review – 16079; Galley 34.

The Johannine Synoptic Argument. (Original manuscript of the published article).

Box2 Fld2     Papers:

The Crucifixion Date: A Bible and Calendar Argument.

The Crucifixion Date.

Significance of the Word “Passover” – Part I.

Significance of the Word “Passover” – Part II.

Date and Hour of the Crucifixion Passover.

Three Days and Three Nights.

Historical Confirmation of Crucifixion Calendar.

Chronology of the Seventieth Week.

Chronology of Paul’s Last Journey From Europe Into Asia.

The Prophetic Era.

Characteristics of Mosaic Luni-Solar Calendar.

Box2 Fld3     Spirit of Prophecy Passover Argument.

Collection of Spirit of Prophecy quotations related to the Passover.

Millerism / 1844 date

Box2 Fld4     Papers:

Report of Committee on Historical Basis, Involvement, and Validity of the October 22, 1844, Position (Part V).

Comments on the 1844 Chronology.

Millerite Computation of the October 22 Date.

How the Millerites Chose October 22.

Courageous Action of Millerites on “Jewish Calendar” Problem.

Brief Review of the New Views Regarding Millerite Chronology.

The 1844 Problem.

Was the Year 1844 an Embolismic Year?

Andreasen’s Review of Millerites.

Luni-Solar Time (A reply to Andreasen).

A Luni-Solar Calendar in Harmony With the Millerite Reckoning.

[Scientific] Verification of Millerite Dates – 1844.

Table: The Variable Translation Period: An Interval of Lunar Invisibility Ushering in Each Jewish Month.

Translations of various scientific documents (typed and hand written).

Box2 Fld5     On Lunar Calendar.

On the Crucifixion Date.

Box2 Fld6     Various Translation. (typed).

Box2 Fld7     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box2 Fld8     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box3 Fld1     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box3 Fld2     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box3 Fld3     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box3 Fld4     Various Translations. (hand written).

Box3 Fld5     Various Translations. (hand written).

Turkey / Trumpets (Revelation)

Box3 Fld6     Papers:

Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War I.

Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War II.

Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War II. (Seems to be a second version).

[Fifth Trumpet]. (Missing first pages).

Criticism of the Interpretation of the Seven Trumpets.

The Turkish Empire I.

The Turkish Empire II.

The Turkish Empire.

The “August 11″ Date.

The Josiah Litch Prediction.

Box3 Fld7     Landmark of Prophecy I.

Landmark of Prophecy II.

Landmark of History – July 27, 1299 – No. 1.

Landmark of History – July 27, 1299 – No. 2.

Analysis of the Periods of the Revelation: A Study of Symbolism.

Chapter Outline of the Revelation.

Chapter Outline of the Revelation. (Second version).

Box3 Fld8     Quotations (Compiled by Grace Amadon).

Quotations From the Spirit of Prophecy on the Prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelation.

Symbols and Scenes in the Revelation As Mentioned in the Spirit of Prophecy.

Hand-written quotations and others.

III. Subject File and Source Documents

Ancient Jewish Calendation

Box4 Fld1     Books:

Andrews, J. N. The Commandment to Restore and to Build Jerusalem. Battle Creek, MI: Steam Press, 1965.

Pusey, E. B. Daniel the Prophet: Nine Lectures Delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Oxford. With Copies Notes by the Rev. E. B. Pusey. NY: Funk & Wagnalls, 1885. (Typed pages: 186-190).

Box4 Fld2     Articles:

Albright, W. F. “The Seal of Eliakim and the Latest Preexilic History of Judah, with Some Observations on Ezekiel.” Reprint from Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. LI, Part II, 1932.

Thiele, Edwin R. “The Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel.” Journal Of Near Eastern Studies, Jul. 1944.

Owen, Eugene D. “The Sabbatical Year.” Reprint from Agricultural History, Jan. 1938.

Poebel, A. “The Assyrian King List From Khorsabad.” Reprint from Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Jul. and Oct. 1942, Jan. 1943. (This is a series of articles).

Box4 Fld3     Parker, Richard A. “Ancient Jewish Calendation: A Criticism.” Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. LXIII, Part II, 1944. (A reprint).

The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literature, Apr. 1911.

Hastings, James. “Calendar” (Jewish), in Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. NY: Scribner’s Sons, 1908-1926.

Box4 Fld4     Papers:

Wood, Lynn H. The Relationship of the Jewish (Aramaic) Calendar During the Persian Period as Shown by the Assuan Papyri.

Amadon, Grace. The Jewish Calendar in the Fifth Century B.C.

Various materials (parts of papers?).

Box4 Fld5     Quotations, Tables and Translations.

Box4 Fld6     Correspondence (G. Amadon correspondence with Dr. R. A. Parker).

Calendar Reform/Chronology

Box4 Fld7     Articles:

Wilson, P. W. “Discussion of Leap Week.” Journal of Calendar Reform, Mar., 1935.

Weitz, Rabbi Martin M. “‘Time’ in Jewish History.” Journal of Calendar Reform, Dec., 1937.

Fraenkel, Dr. Abraham Adolf. “Against Extra Days!” Journal of Calendar Reform, Fourth, Fourth Quarter, 1942.

Journal of Calendar Reform, First Quarter, 1944.

Journal of Calendar Reform, Second Quarter, 1944.

Journal of Calendar Reform, Fourth Quarter, 1944.

Box4 Fld8        The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literature, Jul. 1941.

The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literature, Oct. 1941.

Box4 Fld9     Correspondence (correspondence with Dr. Jean Nussbaum).

Clippings (these materials are devotional and educational in nature).

Box4 Fld10

Box5 Fld1

Box5 Fld2

Box5 Fld3

Crucifixion / Passover

Box5 Fld4 Articles:

Sharp, F. L. “The Year of Crucifixion.” The Evangelist, Jul. 1927.

The Gathering Call, Mar.-Apr., 1938. (See pp. 10).

Box5 Fld5     Papers:

Amadon, Grace. The Crucifixion Date.
Amadon, Grace. Important Passover Texts in Josephus and Philo.
Amadon, Grace. Significance of the Word “Passover” – Part II.

Miscellaneous materials.

Box5 Fld6     Correspondence.

Box5 Fld7     Charts and Tables.

F. C. Gilbert Materials

Box5 Fld8

Preparation for the Passover: Preparation for the Sabbath.

The Calendar: Especially as Related to the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month, 1844.

The Jewish Calendar.

The Sign of the Prophet Jonas.

J. H. Wierts Materials (Folders contain some correspondence)

Box5 Fld9     Wierts Analysis. (Mostly Wierts criticism of the “Report of Committee on Historical Basis, Involvement, and Validity of the October 22, 1844, Position (Part V),” written by Grace Amadon. (See: Box2 Fld4).

Box6 Fld1     Reply / Criticism of the Wierts Analysis.

Karaite Calendar

Box6 Fld2     Karaite Calendars: 1936-37; 1937-38; 1938-39. Cairo (Karaite Israel Rabbinate, Egypt).

Box6 Fld3     Quotations, translation and other materials related to Karaite Calendar.

Box6 Fld4     LeRoy Froom’s correspondence.

LeRoy Froom Materials

Box6 Fld5     History of Prophetic Interpretation. (Class Syllabus).

Box6 Fld6     History of Prophetic Exposition and Eschatology. (Class Syllabus).

Box6 Fld7     Extra Materials for the above Syllabus. (Duplicated pages).

Millerism and 1844 date

Box7 Fld1     Papers:

Complete Report of Committee of Historical Basis, Involvement, and Validity of the October 22, 1844, Position. [Photocopy]

Parts of the complete report:

Froom, LeRoy Edwin. Part II: Chronological Development up to October 22, 1844.

Wood, Lynn Harper. Part IV: Date of Artaxerxes’ Decree to Restore and Build Jerusalem.

Amadon, Grace Edith. Part V: Crucifixion Date, and Astronomical Soundness of October 22.

Amadon, Grace Edith. Comments on the 1844 Chronology.

Amadon, Grace Edith. Millerite Computation of the October 22 Date.

Luni-Solar Time (a reply to Andreasen).

Box7 Fld2     William Miller’s letters.

Box7 Fld3     Millerite Chronology – quotes and charts.

Box7 Fld4     Millerite Chronology – quotes and miscellaneous materials.

Box7 Fld5     Correspondence (with R. L. Odom, The Watchman, and others).


Box8 Fld1     Moon Calendar Tables.

Box8 Fld2     Moon’s Velocity.

Box8 Fld3     Computation of Moon Place in Crucifixion Period [Brown].

Box8 Fld4     Tables on Lunar Meridian Problems.

Box8 Fld5     Original Moon Reckoning for 31 A.D.

Box8 Fld6     Computation on Moon’s Anomaly.

Box8 Fld7     Finding Moon’s Age. Lunar Meridian.

Box8 Fld8     Misc. Materials related to Moon Calendar/Tables.

Box8 Fld9     Ginzels Tables.

Box8 Fld10     Egyptian Tables.

Box8 Fld11     Tide Tables.

Turkey / Trumpets (Revelation)

Box8 Fld12     Books:

Gibbons, Herbert Adams. The Foundation of the Ottoman Empire: A History of the Osmanlis Up to the Death of Bayezid I (1300-1403). NY: The Century Co., 1916.

Knolles, Richard. The Generall Historie of the Turkes. Adam Islip, 1638. (Oversized document. See: Box22 Fld1)

Box8 Fld13 Articles:

Daniells, A. G. “Does the History of Turkey and Egypt Since 1798 Fulfill the Prophecy of Dan. 11:40-44?” Review and Herald, Jan. 9, 1913 – Apr. 30, 1914.

Butler, S. M. “The Eastern Question.” Review and Herald, Sep. 3, 1914.

“Voluntary Surrender of the Sultan, August 11, 1840.” Review and Herald, Aug. 8, 1935. (A copy).

Box8 Fld14     Papers:

Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War II.

The Turkish Empire I.

The Turkish Empire II.

Landmarks of Prophecy – I.

Landmarks of Prophecy – II.

Miscellaneous materials.

Box8 Fld15     Correspondence

Box8 Fld16     Charts and Tables

IV. Photostats
(These are photostat source documents. Most of the materials are in Latin, German, and Greek languages).

Box8 Fld17     Record of Photostats (done by Amadon).

Box8 Fld18     Ancient Calendars/Astronomy. (Mostly documents about the origins of the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greco Roman Chronologies and other nations’ calendars. Twenty-three folders plus three oversized folders. (For oversized documents see: Box22 Fld2,3,4).

Box9 Fld1-6     Ancient Calendars/Astronomy.

Box10 Fld1-7     Ancient Calendars/Astronomy.

Box11 Fld1-6     Ancient Calendars/Astronomy.

Box12 Fld1-3     Ancient Calendars/Astronomy.

Box12 Fld4-6     Ancient Jewish Calendation. Documents dealing with the Jewish Calendar, Chronology of the Old Testament, charts and other related materials. Twenty-one folders plus two oversized folders. (For oversized documents see: Box22 Fld5,6).

Box13 Fld1-7     Ancient Jewish Calendation

Box14 Fld1-3     Ancient Jewish Calendation.

Box15 Fld1-6     Ancient Jewish Calendation.

Box16 Fld1-3     Ancient Jewish Calendation.

Box16 Fld4-7     Crucifixion / Passover. Three folders related to the crucifixion and Passover events plus one oversized folder (For oversized documents see: Box22 Fld7).

Box17 Fld1-2     Karaite Calendars.

Box17 Fld3-4     Millerism and 1844 date.

Box17 Fld5-8     Moon Tables. Mostly charts’ documents. Three folders plus two oversized folders.(For oversized documents see: Box22 Fld8,9).

Box18 Fld1-6     Turkey/Trumpets (Revelation). Photostats about the history and prophecies about the Byzantine (Turkish) Empire. Seven folders.

Box19 Fld1     Turkey/Trumpets (Revelation).

Box19 Fld2-7     Miscellaneous photostats. This documents are not necessarily related to the above categories. They were assigned as miscellaneous by Grace Amadon. Fourteen folders and one oversized document. (For oversized documents see: Box22 Fld10).

Box20 Fld1-6     Miscellaneous photostats.

Box21 Fld1-2     Miscellaneous photostats.

Box22 Fld1-10     Oversized documents. This box contains all of the oversized documents that would not fit in the regular boxes. The numbering of each oversized document is given in the inventory listing under the subject heading where each document belonged initially. For additional help a list of the oversized documents’ subjects follows:

Fld1 Turkey / Trumpets (Revelation)

Fld2-4     Ancient Calendar / Astronomy

Fld5-6     Ancient Jewish Calendation

Fld7     Crucifixion / Passover

Fld8-9     Moon Tables

Fld10     Miscellaneous

Box23 Chart plates.

Photo-films (7 boxes), used for the photostats copies.