Our Exhibit Gallery

The Center for Adventist Research is blessed to have a generous and nicely appointed exhibit gallery.  In it we have a number of curated exhibits as well as several artifacts and other items of general interest.  Besides the actual gallery we have a large exhibit case in the lobby area outside of our doors, a smaller one further along the same wall, some lithographs, photographs, and art works in our own lobby, and items of interest in our Reading Room.   Currently we have the following items on permanent exhibit.


In the Exhibit Gallery

  • Desert (Mosaic) Sanctuary model
  • Flora Plummer’s desk
  • Pulpit from the Wright, Michigan, Adventist Church
  • Pew from the Parkview, Michigan, Adventist Church
  • John N. Andrews travel trunk he took with him to Europe as Adventism’s first official missionary
  • Several paper mache prophetic beasts used in the early years of the 20th century for evangelism
  • Painting of early Adventist pioneers
  • Large oil painting of John N. Andrews

In the lobby area

  • Daniel 2 image used for evangelism
  • 3 large banners depicting the history of the Heritage Room and the White Estate Branch Office, both celebrating anniversaries in 2016
  • 3 lithographs showing in a visual way the plan of salvation.  Officially known as the Way of Life, the first is by Merritt Kellogg (1873), the second by James White (1876), and the third by Ellen White (1883).
  • Several posture chairs developed by John H. Kellogg
  • A large display case that contains the history of the Pitcairn missionary ship as well as artifacts from the Island.

In the Reading Room

  • Uriah Smith’s desk
  • Reproduction of Ellen G. White’s personal and office library


Regular or Permanent Exhibits

The Center for Adventist Research exhibit gallery has a number of curated exhibits, though their content changes periodically, that generally follow the same broad theme exhibit after exhibit. At any given time we may not have all of these topic areas exhibited, but it is our plan to generally follow this system.  These are:

  • The Bible
  • Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church
  • Ellen White
  • Events On This Day in Church History
  • People and places in the church
  • James White
  • John Nevins Andrews


Currently Featured Exhibits

In addition to the regular or permanent exhibits the Center periodically installs an exhibit focused on a special topic or theme.  For example, currently we have the following exhibits that are more focused.

  • 150 years, 1863-2013: 150th Anniversary of the Organization of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
  • Andrews University history
  • Uriah Smith