On Location Tours

It is hard to read the writings of early Seventh-day Adventist authors without noticing the prominence of where they lived and worked, and it is hard to communicate how much difference it makes when you come and stand on this same ground, and see it for yourself. People describe it as suddenly seeing in color after living in a world of black and white. Visiting the places of the Adventist pioneers is an experience that will inject new life into your walk with God and your appreciation of His word, as well as foster a better understand of what our pioneers went through.

“The entire trip inspired me to make greater sacrifices, without complaining, in my service to Christ and His Church.” — Michael Troxell

The Center for Adventist Research is very intentional in the outreach programs we coordinate and operate. Our goal is that each tour will be an enriching academic exercise and a deeply spiritual experience that will benefit your life and ministry. Our campus is the home of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, where the next generation of leaders are being trained and sent out from. Our desire is to use our expertise to spiritually enrich our brothers and sisters from around the world, by sharing the knowledge that we have about the land, history, and culture of the the Adventist pioneers.

As part of a fully accredited university, we are delighted to offer study tour participants in-depth teaching about Seventh-day Adventist church history by experienced lecturers who are experts in their field. You can explore new depths to your faith as you tour and experience the places of the Adventist pioneers with our professional Adventist guides.


Come and join other Adventist Christians from around the world by participating in one of our scheduled Tours:

Or, if you want to a bring a group to Andrews, the Center will work with you to develop a customized tour, tailored to your group’s unique needs and preferences.

Past Tours

If you are seeking a tour of the Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, Michigan, which includes a tour of Ellen G. White’s home where she wrote The Great Controversy, please visit their webpage where you can contact the Village and schedule a visit.


Tours at the Center

For those who cannot travel to where the pioneers lived and worked, the collections, resources, and artifacts amassed at the Center for Adventist Research will inspire those who visit and do research.  The resources at the Center will satisfy the serious academic researcher as well as delight the average Adventist church member and fellow Christians who take time to delve into the exhibits available at the Center.  They will come to a better understanding of  the rich history of God’s leading in the advent movement.

The exhibit space is well labeled and most visitors will gain a blessing as they spend time reading the captions and contemplating the associated artifacts on display.  For groups the Center personnel can provide a brief orientation to help you use your time in the exhibits in a more connected and meaningful manner.  For those with a special interest the Center staff will provide a tour of our exhibits and collections.  This is available only with advance arrangements by calling or e-mailing the Center. The exhibit space is open the same hours as the Center itself.  Please arrange your visit during these hours.