Virtual Tour

Vault Panorama 1
The movable compact shelving begins directly in front of you. These house some of our collections and many special treasures. This section of the vault is also where Ellen White’s original letters and manuscripts are kept (in the brown cupboards around to the right). You can also see the libraries of Ellen White and J. N. Andrews around to the left on the far shelves. On the white countertop farther to the left, you can see the rusty brown colored “Big Bible” that is the same edition as the original White family Bible at the White Estate in Maryland. This Bible is similar to those held by Ellen White in 4 of her visions.

Lobby Area

  • Daniel 2 image used for evangelism
  • John N. Andrews travel trunk he took with him to Europe as Adventism’s first official missionary
  • Large oil painting of John N. Andrews
  • 3 lithographs showing in a visual way the plan of salvation. Officially known as the Way of Life, the first is by Merritt Kellogg (1873), the second by James White (1876), and the third by Ellen White (1883).
  • Several posture chairs developed by John H. Kellogg
  • A large display case that contains the history of the Pitcairn missionary ship as well as artifacts from the Island.
  • The three large banners depicted the 50th and 55th anniversaries of the Adventist Heritage Room and the Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office, respectively. They remained for all of 2017.

Exhibit Gallery 1-3

  • Desert (Mosaic) Sanctuary model
  • Flora Plummer’s desk
  • Pulpit from the Wright, Michigan, Adventist Church
  • Pew from the Parkview, Michigan, Adventist Church
  • Several paper mache prophetic beasts used in the early years of the 20th century for evangelism
  • Painting of early Adventist pioneers