The Center holds over 300 collections of personal papers of individuals prominent in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its work. These collections often include correspondence, topical files, lecture and sermon notes, research material, publications, photographs, reports, and many other types of material. All of the collections available for research use are shown below. All have a printed register, which is an information and user guide to the collections.

Adventist Heritage Ministry Records (Collection 312)

The mission of Adventist Heritage Ministry is to acquire denominationally significant properties associated with the pioneer period of the denomination and to use these to tell the story of God’s leading in the past and to inspire trust in the future leading of God. These are the organization records which documents much of AHM’s work. These are organizational records. Some can be considered public records and may be available for research. However, most are closed to general access. Please contact the Andrews University Center for Adventist Research for more information.

William F. Albright (Collection 100)

William F. Albright is known as the “dean” of biblical archaeology during much of the 20th century. This collection is Leona Running’s working papers for her book, William Foxwell Albright: A 20th Century Genius. Included are photocopies of Albright correspondence, tapes and transcripts of interviews, some writings, and photographs.

Alfred-Félix Vaucher Papers (Collection 91)

Alfred Vaucher was a prolific scholar, teacher, and administrator in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Besides being a professor and school administrator he also served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe as secretary of the Office of Defense Literature for the Southern European Division of the Church. Besides over 1,100 articles and various books he wrote a book on Manuel Lacunza and translated several books by Ellen G. White into the French language.

Grace Amadon (Collection 154)

Amadon was interested in calendars and things related. She collected and wrote widely on the topic of the Biblical calendar and the dating of certain events including the October 22, 1844 Great Disappointment, ancient Jewish calendars (including the Kararite), calendar reform, and Turkey and the trumpets of Revelation. She was a member of the 1939 General Conference committee looking at the various calendars used by the Millerites to determine the date of Christ’s assumed coming in 1843/1844. (23 boxes)

M. L. Andreasen Papers (Collection 115)

Andreasen was a leading Church theologian in the mid part of the 20th centu ry. He became embroiled in some theological discussions in the 1950s. The collection includes biographical materials, some correspondence and writings by Andreasen.

Henry E. Andren – Collection (Collection 122)

Black and white photograph showing a group of people sitting around a table. There is a chalk board behind them against a cinder-block wall.

Andren was a physician who served most of his career in Seventh-day Adventist health-care institutions. The collection consists of memoirs and other writings by Andren including his memories of Wells A. Ruble, and Daniel and Lauretta Kress.

Andrews / Spicer Collection (Collection 250)

John Nevins Andrews was one of the leading pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was a theologian, administrator, writer, and the first official missionary outside of North America. Andrews’ grandson, John N. married W. A. Spicer’s daughter. The grandson and his family were pioneering missionaries to the Tibet region of China in the 19teens and 1920s. This collection includes around 30 original letters from John Nevins Andrews as well as some letters from other church pioneers such as Ellen White and James White. There are various family documents. The largest part of the collection is over 200 letters written by Dorothy Spicer-Andrews to her mother from China. Also included are some materials from the Spicer family.

E. E. Andross Collection (Collection 129)

Signature of E. E. Andross

Andross was an evangelist, minister, educator, and administrator. This collection includes a collection of his writings and some topical files, including one on the revision of Uriah Smith”s Daniel and the Revelation.